Offer Support

Your support can really make the difference for someone. Get involved and give back. It will be super rewarding, we promise!

How It Works

Sign Up

You're in the right place 🙂

We'll send you a text message

You will be added to a rotation

You and the other volunteers will take turns talking to people who are looking for support.

We text you and ask you if you are available

If you are available great! If not, that's also no problem, we'll add you to the back of the line and you can still be asked to help someone in the future when you have time! If you want to be removed from the list at that time all together, you may also do that. You can always sign up again!

You contact the person asking for support!

We will give you the contact information of the person who is looking for support.


You need to initiate the conversation, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. It can be as simple as sending something like “Hey, this is Luke from the WhatNow website, I just wanted to ask how you were doing.” We’ll have a list of do’s and don’t for you that you can reference after you register.

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